Sunday, May 9, 2004

Incubator practice, Week 5, Jon Karpinos coaching

Ok, I’m down two and will have another due tomorrow. Better get down to it.

I’ve done this class/practice group thing enough times to know that it’s all a little uncertain at first – everyone is trying to figure out where they fit and how everyone else plays. You wonder if it’s going to work at all. Then suddenly you gel. You realize you’re playing as a team, taking care of each other and anticipating each other. That’s when the real fun starts.

The fifth Incubator practice was the best night yet. We actually got down to business with montages and really worked together as a team. We had so much fun. I wish I could elaborate, but I’ve let too much time elapse and now I don’t remember all the wonderful stuff we did.

I do remember all of us working hard on the negativity problem. We didn’t argue nearly as much as we have been in past practices. I was really glad about that. It gets discouraging when all the scenes are about people not liking each other or insulting each other and never finding a way to agree about anything.

The most fun I had was in the montage we did where Kit and I started out as a couple in the crawlspace under a creepy house and then wound up in a later scene as that same couple, now bickering ghosts haunting the house.

What was cool was that as soon as Bryan established that he and Lauren were in that house, I think Kit and I both had the same idea at the same time. I started making ghost noises and Kit was suddenly at my elbow doing it too.

Me: [spooky voice]“This is my house.”[/spooky voice]
Kit: [spooky voice]“This is our house.”[/spooky voice]

Man, that was fun! I can’t wait till tomorrow night.

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