Sunday, May 16, 2004

Level 4 - Harold, Class #3, Ross White

Tuesday night we talked about group mind and all compared notes on how we had experienced it and how it affects our play. Pretty much everyone agreed that it has a lot to do with trust. We feel the group mind with people we have spent a lot of time with and really trust. A few of us described having felt connections with individuals we play with, group mind with a group of two, I guess.

Then we worked on group games. We worked on a bunch of different types of games. So many that I tried to write them all down but I know I missed some.

We did an invocation, which I had read about in Truth in Comedy, but if I had ever seen it I wasn’t aware of what it was. I really enjoyed it, though it felt strange at first. Kevlar used it for their opening on Friday night, and it was cool watching it in action after having done it in class.

We worked on hosted group games, which I enjoy participating in but am afraid to host, which is funny because in the last Harold class I hosted one and had a really good time doing it.

We played Slacker, which reminded me of the LaRonde. A two person scene starts and then someone leaves (either one of the original two or a walk on). Then the game follows the person who leaves into the next quick scene, someone leaves, we follow that person, and on and on. It was really fun, but we kept forgetting that our scenes were ending when someone left. It was like, “Ok, bye. Now, as I was saying…” I’d like to work on that one some more, because so much fun stuff can happen there.

We did supported two person scenes. I started one washing dishes with Laura and gossiping about the people in the other room, several of whom began to appear in the kitchen. That was fun, and after we talked about it more, I saw how much more fun it could be to see what was happening and really play the shit out of it.

We talked about monologues, but we didn’t do any. That’s just as well, since I remain convinced that my supply of stories is severely limited and I don’t want to use them all in class.

We finished up by invoking “Circus” (we misheard the suggestion of “Circuits”) and then doing three scenes and a game. It was really fun, and I felt so much better when we were done than I did after the last class. Good thing I didn’t decide to quit. I’d have missed out on the good stuff.

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