Monday, April 26, 2004

Incubator practice, Week 4, Jon Karpinos coaching

HA! No procrastinating for me tonight.

We played with the balls again to start. I really do love that warm-up. I was telling Jon how I was thinking it really is about more than just energy or focus. When we get to the point where nine of us are throwing six or seven balls at once, it’s about trust. At that point we are just reaching out to catch the ball without even looking and then throwing it to the next person right away.

We trust that we won’t get hit in the face (unless the ball hits a basketball) and we trust that the next person will be ready to catch. Sometimes we drop a ball, but it’s cool because whoever can pick it up first just throws it to the next person and we keep on playing. Scenes like that are good.

We had kind of a short practice tonight because Jon wanted to talk with each of us about what we feel we need to work on and how the team is going for us. I thought it was great. Jon and I talked about the main thing I want to work on. Same as always – confidence and making stronger choices. And I told him how impressed I am with everyone’s commitment. Everyone in this group wants to learn and do well.

I also liked waiting for our turns at Wendy’s and in the hallway. That was some good bonding time. We haven’t really had the chance to do that yet. We just all hung out and joked and shared stories and picked on Bryan. We took bets on when Todd would say something inappropriate. He was on a time delay tonight, which threw us off a little. This was not wasted time, even if it may have seemed like it was. And I think Katie even got a little homework done (amazing, given all the noise and tomfoolery).

In addition to the talking, we did a bunch of fun, quick two person scenes. And then Mike, Lauren and I got to do a three person scene at the end. This is the halfway point, and I have to say, I think we’re doing pretty great. I like us.

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