Thursday, June 3, 2004

I am taking a break.

I'm including this journal in my break. It is one of the things I've been pressuring myself about, and as evidenced by the pattern of procrastination, I was finding it a chore. I have one rule for this break: If it ain't fun, I ain't doin' it.

I don't plan on taking any classes for a little while, so there won't be notes anyway. I wasn't ever comfortable journalling practice notes. It felt like I was telling private stories, so I just never did.

I may be back in a while. Meanwhile, I do plan to continue updating my IRC journal.* I love that journal and it has done me a world of good. As Scott pointed out, it reads like a roller coaster, but I like it. The link is at the bottom of this post if you're interested.

*Note: That IRC journal morphed into Complete and Utter Nonsense. Read at your own risk.

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