Saturday, February 12, 2005

It is bad to be late for an audition. It is disrespectful to the people who are audtioning you and to those who are auditioning with you. That being said, sometimes it can't be avoided. Make sure you let the auditioners know as soon as possible that you will be late. Sometimes it may even be better just to stay away and not distrupt the process that has already begun. But sometimes it is about not letting the bastard stand in your way. (the bastard is nobody you know).

So I arrive at the audition (my what, fifth?) in tears and determined to go through with it. I weep on Zach for a few minutes and am let loose on an ongoing audition. I have no hope of being cast, but this is about not letting someone bully me.

I go up for my first scene, and as I turn around I notice a huge stain on my shirt. Then I look farther down and see the dog shit on my shoe. And I say to myself "Fuck it. I'm here to have fun." and I did.

I don't even want to try to describe what had already gone horribly wrong with that morning. It was just a seriously fucked up day. And now there's dog shit on my shoe.

The last thing on my mind was that audition. I wasn't even thinking about it.

Oh, ok. That makes sense, doesn't it? *Awesome.

*This was once a link to the announcement of the team that would become Take the Box!. As things tend to do, it has mysteriously disappeared, as if it never existed. Odd, that.

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