Monday, January 24, 2005

It does not feel like I have been away at all, but I really have. Since Incubator III ended last fall, I really haven't done much improv at all. TLaG has had shows, but not many practices. Montage has had no opportunity to practice, and I have had no classes. It seems strange to realize that I have been away. I go to shows every week, and wind up in them often enough (even editing from the audience once), but I really have had an involuntary break for quite some time. I'm glad the dry spell is over. TLaG is committed to regular practices and I am in a class now. I will audition whenever possible. This is where I live right now.

A friend (not an improviser, bless his heart) asked if I planned to keep improvising forever. I could only tell him that I can't imagine stopping. I said "It's good for my head."

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