Thursday, March 4, 2004

Level 3L - Harold, Porter Mason in for Ross White, Class #5

Oh faithful improv journal, I have not forgotten you. It is just that there has been so much improv in my life I haven’t had a moment to spare for you.

I have had so much improv since this class that it is all kind of mushed together, but I will try to separate it by class and workshop, if only to maintain the continuity of the journal. I think these will be pretty light, but rest assured, I did learn stuff.

Porter stepped in for Ross this class, and it was great to have a different point of view. I do wish Ross had been there, though, because it was a little disorienting to have someone new there when we did our first full Harold. I respect all our teachers, but they do have different styles, and they take some getting used to.

The first couple of times we ran through the form, we began with a pattern game and I think we technically did pretty well, but we were awkward and uncomfortable. Porter told us to just have fun. We tried Trashcan Jam as an opener and that went well, though it is not one of my favorites. We did pull themes from it, though, and we wound up having fun.

Porter told us we were editing too fast, which was a little confusing, since we have been editing too slow all along. One thing he said about one of our group games, though, was that he wanted to see more of it. Our response was that it meant our edit was perfect.

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